Wednesday, March 31, 2010

IBT Test

I've just had a toefl test at Atma Jaya. The IBT one..
Reading section wasn't hard, so do the other section until..
The Speaking Section!!!
That was the hardest of all!!
My mind suddenly blank and I didn't even know what to say!
I always talk too fast on the first 30 seconds and repeating and repeating for the last 30 seconds..
What a wreck!
I hate that!


  1. wuih asik yang ud ikut toefl
    mo juga dong ..
    gimana caranya chrissya?

  2. Gw ikut prediction test nya.. bkan benerannya.. hehe. Tpi mirip2..
    Umm.. Guru les gw dosen di situ soalnya.. ga tw juga jdinya.. Diurusin dia soalny. hehe..


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